SSFN & SCION Symposium 2023 organised by Swiss Banking, Swiss FS-CSC and Swiss Insurance Association – Deep dive into the SCiON technology & technical transition to SSFN

Datum 29.09.2023 Uhr
Zeit 9:15 - 13:00
Ort Landesmusuem - Auditorium Willy G. S. Hirzel
Adresse Museumsstrasse 2, Zürich
Kontakt Denise Tschudin


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Are you already familiar with the controlled and protected Secure Swiss Finance Network (SSFN) and the new SCION technology on which it is based? If not, you will have the opportunity to learn everything you need to know from renowned experts at the SSFN & SCION Symposium in Zurich on Friday, 29 September 2023.

Even if SSFN and SCION are not unknown to you and your organisation, you should not miss this opportunity for a deep dive and exchange with representatives of the private sector, science and authorities.

The following programme awaits you at the SSFN & SCION Symposium 2023:

  • Welcome and & Introduction by Alexandra Arni, Head ICT, SBA and Managing Director Swiss FS-CSC
  • Keynote by Adrian Perrig, Institute for Information Security, ETH Zurich
  • Presentation by Denise Tischhauser, Advisor to the Head Banking Operations, SNB; Cornelius Dorn, Head of Strategy and Business Development, Banking Services, SIX; Fritz Steinmann, IT Infrastructure Domain Architect, SIX on the topic “From SCiON technology to SSFN as an operating network in a sensitive industry”
  • Panel discussion
  • Presentation by Urs Fischer, Head of Business Development & Innovation, Health Info Net AG on the topic of “A save internet for healthcare sector” (in German)
  • Presentation by Martin Bosshardt, CEO, Anapaya on the topic SCION beyond the financial sector with SSFN
  • Followed by break-out sessions and a standing lunch
As a financial market infrastructure provider, SIX will discontinue the existing FinanceIPNet communication network at the end of September 2024. SIX and SNB therefore recommend, that all those affected with a FinanceIPNet connection, prepare the necessary technical/organizational preparations for the changeover in time (recommendation is SSFN).

The SSFN & SCION Symposium is aimed at IT and business managers from members of the SBA, the Swiss FS-CSC association and the SIA as well as non-members.

The presentations, the panel discussion and the breakout sessions will provide in-depth knowledge about the SCION technology, the SSFN and the HIN Trust Space (in the HIN Trust Space, all relevant players in the Swiss health and social care sector work together easily and securely).


The event will be held partly in English and partly in German.

The participation for employees of SBA, Swiss FS-CSC and Swiss Insurance Association member institutions is for free.  For non-members it is CHF 325.00.

Cancellations can only be accepted free of charge before 20 September 2023. The full registration fee will be charged for cancellations received after this date.


If you have any questions or uncertainties, please contact us by e-mail at