Annual General Meeting 2022: registration for individual members to vote in writing

As in the past two years, SBA members will only be able to exercise their voting rights at the SBA’s 2022 Annual General Meeting (AGM) in writing. The outcomes of the various votes will be read out on Bankers Day (15 September 2022) in Neuchâtel.

We would like to invite all individual members to take part in the written voting for the SBA’s 2022 AGM. Please register by 16 August 2022.

The items on the agenda at this year’s AGM are as follows: approving the Annual Report, the annual financial statements and the report of the statutory auditor; granting discharge to the Board of Directors and Executive Board; appointing a statutory auditor and other positions; and other business. If you are an individual member and wish to take part in the AGM by means of written voting, please register using the form below. Once you have registered, we will e-mail the documentation required for written voting to you at the end of August.


For individual members: registration for written voting as part of the SBA’s 2022 Annual General Meeting


Bankers Day 2022

This year’s Bankers Day will take place on 15 September 2022 from 4 p.m. in Neuchâtel. Please note that the above registration only relates to written voting for the SBA’s 2022 AGM. If you would also like to attend Bankers Day, please sign up here.